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Pillar Candles

Create a display of unscented pillar candles in various sizes and hand over dipped candle colors for an elaborate or simple candle arrangement. The pillar candles are dripless and smokeless when quality is essential. Made in North America.

3"D x 4"H - 3" Pillar Candles
3"D x 6"H - 3" Pillar Candles
3"D x 8"H - 3" Pillar Candles
4"x 6" - Column Pillar Candles
4" x 8" - Column Pillar Candles
4" x 10" - Column Pillar Candles
5"x 5" - Column Pillar Candles
2.25"Dx2"H - 2.25" Square Pillar Candles
2.25"Dx5"H - 2.25" Square Pillar Candles
2.25"Dx7"H - 2.25" Square Pillar Candles
2.25"D x 3"H - 2.25" Slim Pillar Candles
2.25"D x 5"H - 2.25" Slim Pillar Candles
2.25"D x 7"H - 2.25" Slim Pillar Candles

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